South Pointe Park

Miami Beach, Florida

Designed 2015

Located on the southern end of Miami Beach, South Pointe Park is a beautiful pedestrian green space offering picnic areas, green spaces, and a main walkway centered on a series of water features. Each square fountain measures 15 feet wide and uses a perimeter overflow to create a soothing sound of moving water, while maintaining a still glass-like surface for reflection. At night, color-changing LED lights illuminate the water of the four features. The fountains were dedicated to the memory of Miami Beach Police Department veteran Mark N. Overton, who served three police departments over multiple decades.

Services Provided:

  • Hydraulic
  • Structural
  • Filtration
  • Chemical

Market Sectors:

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  • South Pointe Park Water Feature
    South Pointe Park Water Feature
    South Pointe Park Design Concept
    South Pointe Park Design Concept