700 Santana Row Plaza

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santana Row Plaza at the entrance to a new office building creates a welcoming, walkable space anchored by a central water feature. The 18-foot-wide fountain offers a wide bench seating along the perimeter with jets that spray inward to its center. At the side of the fountain and in two separate places within the plaza sit architectural tree sculptures that include spraying mist nozzles to cool the air and passersby on hot afternoons. To match the neighborhood’s vibrant nightlife, the fountain is illuminated with more than 36 underwater LED lights to create a shimmering, placemaking aquatic feature at any time of day. For more on Martin Aquatic Interactive Water Feature projects, click here.


For this project’s water feature, Martin Aquatic provided hydraulic, structural, filtration, and chemical system design and engineering services.


San Jose, California