Dave Williams joined Martin Aquatic in 2014. With more than 15 years of experience in computer-aided design (CAD), Dave brings a wealth of knowledge in the design and construction industry to the Martin Aquatic team as a Senior Project Manager. He applies his extensive background in architectural, civil, and structural drafting to seamlessly integrate our aquatic components into the designs of our partner architects and landscape architects, providing a thorough level of coordination to meet project schedules. Dave’s keen eye for detail as part of his photography expertise ensures that his projects exceed expectations for the owner and provide for an excellent guest experience.

Top Five Clifton Strengths
  • Achiever
  • Belief
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Assurance
  • Learner

Favorite Project:
Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye

Aquatic Inspiration:
The Great Barrier Reef

Favorite Hobby:
Photography and Design

Life Motto:
"With experience comes wisdom."

Favorite Sports Team:
Chicago Bulls (Jordan's era)

Family Stats:
Wife, Petro, and son, Dylan (born July 2018)