Will Braswell, P.E., S.E.

Senior Structural Engineering

Will Braswell, P.E., S.E.

Will Braswell joined Aquatic Design and Engineering (Martin Aquatic) in 2013. Mr. Braswell is a board certified professional structural engineer that has successfully passed both the Structural Engineer I (PE) and Structural Engineer II (SE) national examinations. He has been the engineer of record for the design and construction for over 750 commercial structures throughout the United States and the Caribbean, and has over 30 years of structural engineering design and construction experience. He is also actively involved in national committees focused on the design and detailing of concrete structures. Mr. Braswell brings a fresh perspective to each project that enables him to innovate solutions to even the most complex design challenges. Mr. Braswell offers efficient engineering solutions to Martin Aquatic's development partners and his reputation for cost-effective and lasting engineering is widely recognized among clients and peers.

Top Five Clifton Strengths
  • Achiever
  • Deliberative
  • Relator
  • Analytical
  • Learner

Favorite Project:
Waterfront Shopping and Dining Complex

Aquatic Inspiration:
Mosquito Lagoon

Favorite Vacation:
Fishing trips

Live life with a "no regrets" mentality.

I love playing tennis with my wife, Patty

Favorite Hobby:
Woodworking and a little metalworking

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