March 22, 2023

Thermal Beach Club Will Bring Oceanside Living to Coachella Valley with Phase I Opening of Luxury Residential Development and 20-Acre Surf/Swim Amenity in December 2024

Project’s freshwater swimming amenity engineered using Martin Aquatic’s advanced Blue Mar Basins™ technology

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Thermal Beach Club by WhiteStar Development, a planned multi-generational private residential community, has passed important milestones in its design stages to break ground this summer with an expected December 2024 opening. As the first of its kind in the U.S., the development’s central 20-acre lake will boast authentic inland surfing as well as offer leisure water recreational activities to the residents of the 326 luxury homes surrounding it. This simulated ocean experience was designed and engineered by Florida-based Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering using the company’s patent-pending Blue Mar Basins™ system.

“After years of planning, we are thrilled to announce publicly the progress we’ve made in bringing the dream of Thermal Beach Club to a reality,” said Brian Grantham, co-founder of the project. “This project will not only be a catalyst for the real estate and surfing industries, but it will also be transformative for the local community in terms of job creation, infrastructure improvements, and overall economic growth.”

Located on 118 acres in the greater Palm Springs area, Thermal Beach Club has already received UNANIMOUS approval from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for this billion-dollar project. In addition, the development has proposed regional enhancements such as clean water, park creation, and infrastructure upgrades.

“The heart of Thermal Beach Club is an amazing surfing and water recreation amenity that we’ve envisioned together with the creative team at Martin Aquatic,” said Patrick Belous, co-founder. “We leaned heavily on their expertise to develop incredible experiences in and around the water as well as create a sustainable amenity for future generations to enjoy.” Using advanced engineering technology, the lake is more sustainable than traditional swimming pools while providing the clearest, most pristine water quality on the market.

With islands, private cabanas, a family splash area, towering rock caves, as well as on-demand surf, there is an abundance of amenities to appeal to any generation. “We’ve designed the basin at Thermal Beach Club with every possible water experience in mind—and then some,” said Josh Martin, president & creative director of Martin Aquatic. “Active-minded individuals can explore the entire basin by kayak or stand up paddleboard, while those seeking a more relaxing experience can rest along the shores or in the ankle-deep water of sunshelves. We’ve also built in special hidden moments for members to discover like an island speakeasy bar and cliff jumps out of the rockwork.”

The main feature of Thermal Beach Club is a multi-faceted 20-acre recreational water sports lake. A portion of the water sports lake contains surfing zones that use one of the premier wave-making systems in the industry. This will be the first man-made, recreational water sports amenity in the U.S. which includes a surf lagoon within it, rather than the more typical standalone surfing attractions being built around the world.

“We are delivering an authentic ocean surfing experience alongside an unrivaled beach experience, combining adventure and leisure in one place—all while 150 miles from the Pacific Ocean,” said Grantham. “And with the surf lagoon integrated into the larger body of water, this will categorically change the way developers envision future projects.”

Surfing at Thermal Beach Club will cater to every skill level from beginners to experts at the same time thanks to the wave technology and the shape of the basin. Mirror image waves—both left breaking and right breaking—will create 10 simultaneous surf zones based on varying wave types, some reaching heights of up to seven feet and offering rides up to 35 seconds. Additionally, two standalone stationary surf zones at the opposite end of the lake will further diversify the surf offering within the amenity.

In addition to the onsite amenities within the basin and around the site such as spa and fitness center, sport courts, pro shop, clubhouse pool and swim-up bar, dining facilities and more, members will have access to multiple off-site amenities. Thermal Beach Club has approved a deal for member access to 9 PGA WEST courses and amenities, as well as quarterly car/track experience(s) at BMW Performance Center, equestrian facilities, and use of the Thermal Airport only three miles away.

Project Status and History
Fully entitled and past major development milestones, Thermal Beach Club is on target to meet its construction timelines. The planning for this project has been years in the making, after the development team opened escrow in the summer of 2016. By 2021, Thermal Beach Club had cleared the public challenge period for the entire project including secured water rights for the 20-acre recreational water sport lake. As of March 8, 2023 there is no debt on the land or entitlements, with working capital in hand to complete the construction engineering and planning for the initial phase.

“As the project moves forward, we’re currently seeking accredited investors who share in our vision to participate in the construction capital round,” said Grantham. “Everything is on track to be pushing waves by the end of 2024.”


About Thermal Beach Club

Thermal Beach Club (TBC), located in the Coachella Valley about two hours outside Los Angeles, will be the first private residential community with a man-made, pristine blue-water lake offering surf wave-making technology in the U.S. The 20-acre amenity will be surrounded by 326 high-end homes, white sand beach, a spa and fitness center, sport courts, pro shop, dining facilities, and more. TBC is a multi-generational private residential community, sitting on 118 acres in Thermal CA, being developed by WhiteStar Development.




About WhiteStar Development
Founded by Patrick Belous in 2001, WhiteStar Management is a premier high-end property management company in the Greater Palm Springs area with over 6,000 properties and more than 80 communities. Building on years of experience in real estate from managing entire communities to building private lakes and amenities, Patrick Belous and Brian Grantham then co-founded WhiteStar Development to expand into delivering a one of a kind, unique luxury multi-generational community. Surrounding themselves with top tier strategic partners, Patrick and Brian spent eight years creating the vision and securing entitlements for Thermal Beach Club, which carries no debt and was fully self-funded through entitlement.



About Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering

Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering is leading the design and engineering of the 20-acre water amenity using its new system for large bodies of water called Blue Mar Basins™. Since 1987, Martin Aquatic’s team of design professionals has set the standard in producing one-of-a-kind water features, resort amenities, water parks, and themed entertainment experiences with a portfolio of more than 2,500 built projects. The firm counts among its projects major aquatic amenities for some of the leading hospitality brands and destinations around the world.