June 4, 2024

Serengeti Springs Opens With New Martin Aquatic-Designed Waterpark

Adjacent to its sister property the Hattiesburg Zoo, this 3.5-acre waterpark boasts waterslide thrills and a lazy river, merging animal fun and water play into one.

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Serengeti Springs opened formally on Memorial Day weekend to the public and is already a crowd hit. After three years in concept and construction, the completed waterpark includes a 17,000 sq ft. large play structure called TreeTop Trek, a 436-foot-long lazy river, and an adult swim up bar. This Aquapark comes just in time for the summer, and the 2024 season pass has already been sold out due to its immense anticipation and incredible attractions.

The centerpiece wet play structure by WhiteWater offers big thrilling slides including the central “Serengeti Swirl” bowl slide. With family-friendly toddler slides at the base of the structure, kids will enjoy making a splash on the soft surface of Life Floor beneath their feet with multiple water toys and geysers at their disposal. With a focus around the zoo’s Africa exhibit, Serengeti Springs features authentic theming depicted on the structure inspired by the African wilderness and the resident animals found at the zoo, such as colobus monkeys, serval cats, and giraffe.

The park’s adult hangout, the Pole-Pole River (which comes from a Swahili phrase meaning “slowly slowly), is connected to a swim-up bar, Habari Riverside Sips. Guests can enjoy a refreshing drink or frozen cocktail while floating along. As well, the park hosts food truck vendors and more snacks for guests to enjoy a bite in between the exciting rides.

The Hattiesburg Zoo itself is an impressive 12-acre park managed by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission, which helped transform and expand the zoo with new exhibits, animal encounters, and eventually, the waterpark. It hosts a variety of adult-only events to support revenue and supports field trips to secure lasting impressions.

To learn more about Martin Aquatic’s design expertise on water parks, visit our Water Park Projects page.