Bell Tower Green

Bell Tower Green, located outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, is the City of Salisbury’s commitment to creating a three-acre public greenspace in its downtown core. Using $12 million from public and private funds, the new park features a great lawn, a stage, gardens, and a water wall with interactive water feature that serves as a focal point of the Bell Tower Green. Standing at 15 feet tall and stretching 72 feet long, the wall brings the soothing, aesthetically pleasing sound of water to the park as it cascades down the stacked stone granite face. In front of the fountain, nearly 20 nozzles spray water as high as four feet, creating an engaging play space for children and families. Color-changing LED lights also make this aquatic feature a signature attraction when the park hosts public events long into the evening. For more on Martin Aquatic’s Interactive Water Feature projects click here.


For this project’s interactive water feature, Martin Aquatic provided the hydraulic, structural, filtration, and chemical system design and engineering services.


Salisbury, NC