April 3, 2020

Working Through It #StayingHomeTogether

It’s the new normal - the elephant in the room for all of us. No matter where you are in the world, COVID-19 is impacting everyone.

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With the company’s headquarters being located in downtown Orlando, Martin Aquatic has had to find ways to still work together and stay positive throughout this pandemic. In an attempt to add some positivity and fun to this new work-life, Martin Aquatic asked its team to send in pictures of their home office setups. Here are just a few of our employees’ home offices. Aside from this activity, the team at Martin Aquatic is finding new ways to stay motivated and productive during this trying time.

“Honestly, we’re just incredibly grateful that we’re still able to work and collaborate together,” said Martin Aquatic Design Project Manager, Sam Milson. “With everything being closed and all of us incorporating social distancing in our lives, I feel really fortunate to still have work to distract us from everything that’s going on around us.”

Another positive thing to come out of this for Martin Aquatic, is solving the challenge of working on historically group-centric, hands-on projects by working remotely and finding ways to collaborate throughout this time of social distancing.

“Our team has learned how to overcome these obstacles by finding some creative work arounds, and I could not be prouder of how we’re all coming together to operate at full capacity,” said President Josh Martin. “Some of our team members have even worked to learn new tools and software that have helped accomplish our goals remotely. Everyone is just jumping in and helping where they can, in however way they can. We’re all in this together, and I think with all of us still coming in (remotely) and doing our jobs, we’re all also able to find some form of normalcy and support during this time.”

A lot of the team is also taking advantage of this new stay-at-home life to enjoy a little more time with their families, as well as their four-legged coworkers. So from all of us at Martin Aquatic—including the newest fur-members of our staff—we hope you’re staying healthy and harmonious while sharing your home office. We’re all in this together.