Constitution Gardens

Constitution Gardens is a living legacy to the founding of the Republic and was dedicated in 1976 as part of the American Revolution Bicentennial. The Gardens are an oasis in the heart of Washington DC and are home to an array of urban wildlife. Martin Aquatic is partnering with PWP Landscape Architecture to revitalize the Gardens. For the large pond ecosystem, Martin Aquatic is designing systems to improve water quality and support fish and plant life. In addition to the upgrades to the pond, there will be a new RC Boating lake that will feature a concrete basin with LED lighting that can be drained and used as an event space. The entire Constitution Gardens revitalization is being done sustainably and the newest innovations in aquatic green building will be utilized to reduce water usage and create an enduring landscape. For more on Martin Aquatic’s Ecosystem projects, click here.


For this project’s natural ecosystem, Martin Aquatic provided hydraulic, structural, filtration, life support, chemical, pneumatic, and electrical design services and engineering consulting services.


Washington DC, Virginia



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