Al Bidda Park

At over 500 acres Al Bidda Park will be on par with the greatest parks on the planet and will include an interactive water feature, numerous cascading weirs, and a nautilus-shaped lake with more than 4.5 acres of surface area including a 5-star restaurant at its center. Martin Aquatic has designed an innovative interactive water feature. The nautilus lake will feature a series of jetties from which the restaurant can be viewed. From the jetties it will appear as though water is flowing over into the outdoor dining area because the dining terrace is below the adjacent lake level. Diners will be surrounded by the pleasant sound and appearance of flowing water. For more on Martin Aquatic’s Water Feature projects, click here.


For these public space water features, Martin Aquatic will provide hydraulic, structural, filtration, and chemical system design and engineering services.


Doha, Qatar



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