The Martin Aquatic Legacy

Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering Legacy

October 1, 2019

The Martin Aquatic Legacy

Since the founding of our firm as Aquatic Design & Engineering more than 30 years ago, the industry that we worked in grew up around us. Over time, our name became synonymous with the very services that we provide. Meanwhile, our firm’s leaders also grew into trusted and respected leaders for the industry. We can think of no better time, and no better way, to introduce a new identity for our firm… than to call ourselves Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering.

By attaching the Martin name to our company, we are attaching the solid reputation of Ken and Josh to every project, assuring our clients that each team member delivers the highest standard of quality in the aquatics industry.

Through this change, Martin Aquatic maintains its commitment to engineering excellence. Our creative concept team, production studios, and group of professional engineers remain dedicated to bringing our clients innovative and enduring solutions for even the most complex aquatic projects. We have completed nearly 2,500 projects in our firm’s history, and we look forward to every project we complete moving forward as Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering.