Concept Design

Our Approach

At Martin Aquatic, we pride ourselves on being an “Owner’s Engineer,” and that means doing everything possible in the best interests of the client throughout our three phases of design. When our clients come to us at the start of every project, whether they are looking for a single-basin feature or a multi-acre waterpark, we take a comprehensive approach to the concept design phase. We believe that beginning the project with the right outlined expectations can ensure a constructible aquatic feature that fits the owner’s creative vision.

Understanding the Project

Our concept design process begins with determining the owner’s true intent for the project. What our team excels at is collaborative consultation alongside the design team to help narrow their vision into an exact scope. We do that through design charettes and preliminary sketches to map out the site as well as by conducting research into comparable projects at other amenities. For large projects, our process can also include aquatic feature layout, massing diagrams, and capacity modeling as a way of validating each programmatic element.

Setting Expectations

Most importantly, however, is the work that our team does in the background, compiling estimates from vendors to get sample pricing and assembling projected costs. With our experience on more than 2,500 water feature projects, we consult with our clients to provide the closest budgeting information and realistic scheduling. Vendors often need long lead times for manufactured parts, so our project managers help to keep the project moving by including timelines for making decisions and placing orders to ensure the project makes its opening date.

Applying Engineering Principles

Because of our expert technical knowledge on aquatic projects—including our understanding of hydraulic engineering and the codes and permitting processes that oversee construction—it also means that we design creative concepts that are buildable according to both local governments and the laws of physics. We take the time to ensure there are no inherent flaws in the design, looking at elements such as ADA compliance, proper sizing metrics, and how the site is laid out to account for nearby mechanical spaces or guest restrooms. By bringing Martin Aquatic onto a project during the conceptual design phase, we help prevent problems that may pop up later because contractors or other consultants may be unfamiliar with unique aspects of aquatic feature design.

Envisioning the Project

Translating any project’s site plan into a realistic, rendered image has become the benchmark for its ultimate success. Our creative studio at Martin Aquatic is well-equipped to provide stunning visualizations that help gain key stakeholder and investor approval, secure sponsorship opportunities, and build community support. We offer our clients a wide range of marketing images that can showcase the aquatic feature in artistically drawn still images, as well as engaging 3D-animated videos from any perspective. Let us put our concept design services to work for imagining your aquatic feature vision.