Cheers to the Martin Aquatic Team!

The Martin Aquatic Team!

January 6, 2020

Cheers to the Martin Aquatic Team!

Over the course of our 30-plus-year history, we’ve never had a year quite like 2019. We saw record-breaking project openings, celebrated industry-wide award wins, and topped off the year with a change to our company name. And through it all, it was the Martin Aquatic team that shone the brightest.

We couldn’t have had the success that we did in 2019 without the incredible Martin Aquatic team, especially the leadership of our longtime employees, some of whom have been here for 22 years. In 2019, we celebrated the milestone anniversary of Joel Roberts, who has been with Martin Aquatic for 15 years. As well, this past year marked the fifth anniversary for Diego Cordova, Mike Weinbaum, P.E., Ben O’Riordan, and Dave Williams. We’re proud to call these five and every one of our team a part of the Martin Aquatic family.

As we look ahead to what lies in store for us in this new decade, we’re excited to face every new challenge and celebrate every project success together as a team. To learn more about our team on a personal level, visit Our Team section of the website.